Is it worth it to repaint the exterior of your home, but aren’t sure if it will be worth it? Continue reading for seven reasons why repainting is a great investment. When you consider home improvement projects, the first thing that comes to mind is probably a kitchen renovation or a bathroom redesign, not repainted exterior walls. Painting your house can significantly increase your home’s value, functionality, and appearance. Unconvinced? Take a look at these seven reasons.

1. Enhances your curb appeal

Real estate agents will tell you that curb appeal is both an art and a science. In general, it involves the practice of making your home look better. You will have a hard time selling your house if you do that. Imagine when you first arrived at your house. The house had a certain look when you first pulled up on the curb, which drew you in instinctively. It was a pretty white house with a picket fence. You will see the same reaction in potential buyers when they see your house. Curb appeal is important. You can do many things to add curb appeal, but nothing compares to new paint boosting your home’s value. It doesn’t matter whether you intend to sell your home soon or not. A fresh coat of paint can boost the whole neighborhood. Perhaps your neighbors will be inspired to paint their houses too!

2. It Makes your home more valuable

Because of this, we can state that fresh paint increases a home’s value. Even appraisers consider the quality of your exterior paint when deciding the final value of your house, so it’s not just about a potential buyer. In addition, although some home improvement projects can add value to your home, they do not always yield a return on your investment. Recover 80-90% of your project cost if your home improvement project is essentially basic maintenance, such as painting the exterior or replacing siding. This will improve the quality of your home now, but it’s also a reasonably affordable project that will recoup value in the future. The two go hand in hand.

3. Protecting against the elements

The benefits of an exterior paint job extend beyond aesthetics. A painting project might not have any real functional benefits, but it does. Imagine the abuse your house undergoes each year, especially if you live in Orlando, Florida, where houses are soaked with heavy rain each day and baked in the humidity and heat from April to October. If you want to eliminate mildew from your home’s siding, you should pressure wash it at least once a year. When your siding wears out because of damage to your house, you’ll be paying more energy bills. All of these can be managed by the right coat of paint. Paint is used for more than aesthetic purposes; it’s also used as a final, protective shield around your house to shield it from the elements, at least for a while. When the paint on your exterior is worn out, you’re losing that important protective coating.

4. Keeping insects at bay

Even termites are protected from insect damage by a fresh coat of paint. Now, you may be rolling your eyes. What can be done to prevent termites and ants from burrowing into siding with a coat of paint? Termites won’t be attracted to a coat of paint that acts like a radioactive shield that prevents them from eating. Termites have a harder time burrowing into siding with a freshly painted exterior shell, which acts as a protective outer shell. Painting prevents water from seeping into cracks and rotting wood, as previously mentioned. Wet, softwood is a favorite of termites. Preventing wood rot is an important step toward preventing termites. In addition, if you can prevent termites from getting into your house in the first place, you can avoid many major home repairs. You should also detect signs of insect damage early on if you have a good painting company on your side.

5. Identifies the need for repairs

Preparing your exterior for a fresh coat of paint can reveal other repairs that need to be done to give yourself a proactive edge on insects. Many things go wrong with a house before the paint is applied. Most homeowners are unaware of all of them before they paint their house. Performing that preparatory work can be highly informative and reveal major problems, such as rotted wood and stucco cracks, which must be repaired. Home repairs may not be all that exciting to you, but the fact remains that fixing things is almost always cheaper than replacing them. When the paint on your house’s exterior is nearing its end of life, you should examine your home for possible repairs.

6. Improves the functionality of your home

This is one of the reasons why repainting your house’s exterior can serve to improve its functionality greatly. It also has to do with basic science. Let’s say you have a white exterior. When summer rolls around, white keeps your cooling bill low as it reflects all colors, keeping heat out. However, as your paint ages, it will become less white, so it will not keep out light as much as it used to. You are probably spending more on heating and cooling today than years ago, although you probably did not notice the gradual shift over time. Save your wallet some money. Have your walls been painted?

7. Transform Your Home’s “Energy.”

Repainting has a psychological benefit: it can give your home a fresh outlook. Color psychology can go a long way toward making your house feel emotionally healthier. Having the inside of your house painted white gives the impression of cleanliness, freshness, and spaciousness. You can convey elegance, steadiness, and mystery to your home by painting it gray. As paint wears out, that effect is lost. A white wall painted with yellowed paint looks dirty, while a gray wall painted with worn paint looks drab and depressing. The difference a coat of paint can make to your home is astonishing.

Are You Ready to Paint Your House?

After seeing what a simple paint job can do for your house, you might be wondering what you are waiting for. The moment is now if you’ve been putting off repainting your house for a long while.

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