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Industrial Painting 101: Types of Paint Jobs

Industrial painting is just as important as commercial or residential paint projects, though the process and application varies slightly. There are many types of paint jobs, all of which have their own processes and specifications to follow.   Tanks and Silos If the exterior of your tanks and silos is degrading, a new paint job […]

Commercial Painting in Winter Park

Orlando Painters LLC is very proud to be a part of keeping Winter Park, Fl. looking  beautiful. Over the past 20 years, our staff of Winter Park painters have completed many residential, commercial and industrial painting project in this great city. The project that stands out to me the most and i am the most […]

Preparing a House for Painting

Painting a home is a major project and it is important to do some preparation work before a bucket of paint is picked up. A great paint job can only be achieved when every square inch of a house is smooth and prepared to accept paint. Peeling paint is often mistakenly blamed on the paint, […]

Hiring a professional painting contractor vs. painting yourself.

Do-it-yourself home projects are very popular, and the temptation to do them is everywhere. It seems like there is a Home Depot or Lowe’s on every corner. At home, turn on the television and there are dozens of shows devoted to home improvement projects. With some much encouragement, it’s not surprising, so many homeowners choose […]

How to Keep Up With the Painting Industry?

As painters, we know that nothing brings out the best in a particular property like a fresh coat of paint. A new coat of paint can brighten up a room or boost the curb appeal of a business or residence in an instant.  While there are many different ways to produce a high-quality end product, […]

Best Home Improvement Investments

Here’s a look at eleven of the most common home improvements, and their average return on investment (ROI). [image size=”none” width=”617″ no_lightbox=”false” lightbox_url=”/inc/uploads/best-home-improvement-painting.jpg” open_new_tab=”false” caption=”Best home Improvement Investments” title=”Best home Improvement Investments” alt=”Best home Improvement Investments” fancy=”false” shadow=”false”]/inc/uploads/best-home-improvement-painting.gif[/image] Share this Image On Your Site Please include attribution to Pools Above Ground with this graphic. Vinyl […]