A Comprehensive Guide to Commercial Building Painting in Central Florida

A Comprehensive Guide to Commercial Building Painting in Central Florida

The painting of commercial buildings, either to rejuvenate existing facilities or as a concluding stage in new construction, often presents a set of unique challenges to business owners. Beyond selecting a visually pleasing color, it’s essential to ensure the paint type aligns with the surface it will adorn. Furthermore, hiring a painting company with substantial commercial painting experience in the region can significantly streamline the process.

The Influence of Building Codes on Commercial Color Selection

In Central Florida, and more specifically in Orlando, the prevalent architectural style and building codes generally advocate for pastel color schemes for commercial buildings. According to the Naples building code, the exterior and trim colors of commercial buildings “shall be compatible with surrounding buildings” and should refrain from “attracting undue attention” or causing the building to resemble a sign.

If you plan to refresh an existing building’s paint, the structure likely already complies with these codes. It would be advantageous to maintain or slightly tweak the current color scheme. However, if the paint job is for a newly constructed building, it is advisable to examine the surrounding buildings’ color schemes. These can serve as a template to identify hues that will both harmonize with the neighborhood and allow your building to subtly stand out. In this process, don’t overlook the impact of additional elements like parking areas, sidewalks, and greenery.

The Role of Building Materials in Painting Decisions

The climate, conventional building practices, and regional building codes have shaped the selection of commercial building materials in Central Florida. Stucco, for example, is a common choice for exterior walls. Should you be painting a freshly constructed stucco facade, it’s advisable to allow at least 14 days for the stucco to fully cure before applying paint. The use of a hot stucco primer can reduce this waiting period to seven days, pending the attainment of an acceptable pH level. The stucco’s texture, whether smooth or rough, will influence the quantity of paint required and the choice between a spray or roller application system.

Painting Synthetic Stucco: A Viable Option

Synthetic stucco, or exterior insulation finishing system (EIFS), is available in a wide range of colors and often assumed to be paint-free. However, it can indeed be painted, and with the right preparation and paint type, it can add significant longevity to the surface. The most crucial factor when painting synthetic stucco is to ensure that any internal moisture can escape, especially in buildings featuring “drainable” EIFS.

Considerations for Painting Other Commercial Building Materials

Metals, such as steel and aluminum, are also prevalent in Central Florida’s commercial building construction. While these materials boast impressive durability, the region’s climate can wear on virtually any construction material. Therefore, the appropriate paint, correctly applied, can significantly extend the lifespan of metal roofs and doors.

Collaborating with an Experienced Commercial Building Painting Company

Consulting with an experienced painting company can alleviate many challenges associated with painting commercial buildings in Central Florida. Such companies are well-versed in local building codes, understand the regional climate’s impact on various surfaces, and can identify the optimal paint type for the given surface.

Orlando Painters LLC boasts decades of commercial painting experience, having worked extensively with a wide array of materials used in constructing stores, restaurants, cafes, malls, office buildings, warehouses, garages, and other commercial structures across Central Florida. Not only does the company assist existing business owners with refurbishments, but they also collaborate effectively with contractors and other craftsmen in developing new commercial buildings. To learn more about how Orlando Painters LLC can support your commercial painting needs, contact us today or call us at 407-267-5886.

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