9 Signs it’s Time to Paint Your House


Consider the way you feel when you drive up at the front of your home. Do you beam with pride and feel grateful to reside in the area? Do you turn the eyes to think of how beautiful it used to appear?

The exterior paint you choose to use will have a major impact on the look of your home. While at the same time, it shields your wood from water and other weather-related damage. So, how do you know whether it’s time to paint your home? These are the indicators to look out for.

The Signs That It’s Time To Paint Your House

If the exterior paint you have has reached its expiration date and is causing problems, it could be a problem for your appearance and your house’s structure. Here are the indicators to watch out for:

1. Your paint is flaking or peeling

The most apparent indication is that it’s time to makeover. It’s possible to notice paint peeling off, or you’ll notice edges that have peeled.

It’s evident that peeling or flaking paint makes your house appear aged and unclean. However, it can cause more serious issues. Paint shields your wood from the effects of water. If water gets into your wood, it could cause serious structural damage as time passes. As the paint breaks down and peels away, it leaves the wood underneath exposed to damage.

2. There are signs of wear on the smaller parts of your exterior

There might not be signs of wear on your siding or in the visible areas of your exterior. But, it’s crucial to examine the hidden but crucial areas.

You must check three areas every few months: your fascia trim, soffits, and fascia. Fascia comprises the boards that line the top of your house, such as the space where you place rain gutters. Soffits are small undersides similar to the underside of the roof’s edges. Trim also includes borders that are affixed to the edges of your exterior.

3. Your siding is fading

Suppose you’ve ever sat down to leave a photograph or paper in a sunny location and noticed how the color fades. This is the same for the paint on your exterior. The only way to return your paint’s original luster is to apply a new coat.

4. You may have signs of water Damage

As mentioned before, wear-on paint leaves your wood prone to water-related damage. You don’t notice any issues in your paint until it’s way too late. Watch out for indications of wet decay. Find deep cracks across the grain of the wood. The presence of soft spots could also indicate decay.

The damage caused by water can trigger additional issues, including mold and growth. These are indications that you require a new paint job. However, there could be other repairs too.

5. Your paint is cracking

When paint starts to wear down, cracks are typically the first indication. You may not be able to notice it from a distance, but you should take a closer glance to determine if there are tiny, web-like cracks in the paint.

If you see cracks, you must paint the area immediately. If you put off repainting for longer than necessary, the issue can progress to peeling and eventually water damage.

6. You’re a permanent dirty

Your exterior house is exposed to all kinds of weather, making it likely to become dirty. In time, however, there will be a few specks of dirt and grime that will get clogged up. It gets to a point where regardless of the effort you put into cleaning, you cannot get it looking as clean.

A few homeowners have tried pressure washing, but it doesn’t always work and is an unwise task at it yourself. In the meantime, it could be the time to paint your home.

7. There are places where Your Stucco is Crumbling

Certain of the signs mentioned above are specifically for wooden sidings, for instance, the symptoms of wood decay. But stucco is a frequent material used in homes in Florida. There are methods for determining whether your stucco home requires fresh paint too.

The primary sign is crumbling or losing stucco that is crumbling or loose. Be particularly attentive to areas that are near sprinklers as well as those areas where drainage pipes go. But, if you notice any loose stucco, it indicates that it’s time to get an overhaul of your paint.

8. Your Paint is chalking

Clean your hands and rub them across your siding. Do you see a chalky powder fall off your hand? If so, it may be time to redo your hand.

It all is contingent on how old the exterior of your home is. Most manufactured siding materials are coated with chalky residues left from manufacturing. If the exterior of your home is brand new, you could likely wash away the chalk.

If the exterior of your home is aging, the chalk could indicate that your paint is degrading. This is typically the case when you use low-quality paints. They turn into chalky powder when they absorb the sun’s rays and get older and degrade. In this instance, the only way to correct the issue is to apply for a new paint job.

9. You’re trying to sell Your Home

In most cases, painting your house is about enjoying its appearance and protecting your home from weather damage. If you’re planning to sell your home, the expense of painting your house can be an investment.

Old or grimy paint has an enormous impact on a property’s worth. It affects a buyer’s first impression of your home. If that impression first is that your property is not well-maintained, it won’t attract buyers willing to pay the top price regardless of whether the rest of your house is worth it.

It’s an excellent idea to paint your home before selling if the home is an unusual shade. You may love it, but neutral hues appeal to many buyers. This alone can increase the home’s worth.

What to do if You’re required to paint Your House

If some of the indicators above apply to you, it’s the right time to paint your home. Applying a fresh coat of paint today instead of later will ensure that your property looks fresh and help prevent any issues from coming up. It’s as crucial to get it done right as to apply it.

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