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What It Takes To Be a Good Commercial Painting Company in Orlando, FL.

What It Takes To Be a Good Commercial Painting Company in Orlando, FL

In a way, the world has had their eyes on Orlando, FL for the last four decades or so.  Ever since a certain theme park set up shop in the city, this central Florida city has been a global hub of great times and lasting memories.  And since the city has earned the reputation as being one that attracts the world, it’s important that it looks pretty.

Businesses in Orlando are savvy enough to know this, especially if their company is one that appeals to the out-of-town market as well as the locals.  As such, the need for a good commercial painting company is a very vital element that is needed in order for a business to maximize their success.  They know that working with the right painting company could very well be the difference that turns a moderately successful company into a business that truly booms.

Because of this heightened need, it makes sense that the commercial painting industry in Orlando is a rather competitive market. To that end, there are a few things that a good commercial painting company should always be doing in order to stand out from the pack.

The Importance of Reputation

A commercial painting company is probably more familiar with the old adage “image is everything” than other businesses.  However, this matter of image these days extends past the paintbrush and is tied to the Internet, where online reviews and other forms of commentary from current and former customers can make a huge impact on how a painting company is viewed.

While a company will most likely never have a flawless online reputation, there are several steps that a painting company can do to make sure their standing as an excellent company is built up and protected.

Some of these steps include:

  • Securing solid employees – In a way, a commercial painting company is only as good as the commercial painters that they employ.  This makes sense; after all, those painters are going to be the people that ultimately perform the work that a company requested.  Having painters that not only can meet the desires of the client, but do so in a way that is professional and approachable, goes a long way in making a commercial painting company seem easily approachable.
  • Having well defined business practices – Any clear indication that a painting company can demonstrate that the manner in which it conducts business is one built on integrity will be of huge interest to a prospective business, especially if they are new to the concept of needing such services.  Being able to share something like an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau will put a lot of questions that future customers to rest before they are even asked.
  • Online documentation of past work – There’s a reason why “before and after” images are an effective advertising tool.  They work to give potential clients a clear image of what a good commercial painting service can do.  Therefore, having this kind of imagery ready to view online through a business’s website or Facebook page gives customers the opportunity to see exactly what they may be able to expect – an important step, considering the nature of commercial painting.

Proper Paperwork

There are two things that are typically attached to a commercial paint job; lots of paint, and lots of paperwork.  Any client that is serious about obtaining the best commercial paint service is going to demand to see a host of paperwork pertaining to licensing, general liability insurance, and worker’s compensation insurance in addition to the detailed quote breaking down a project’s scope and cost.  Therefore, it is crucial that a painting company have all their ducks in a row in order to make sure that when a customer requests this vital material, it can be provided to them in a manner that is smooth and efficient, as this will give off a clear indication that the level of project seriousness is a two-way affair.

Honesty is the Best Policy

Because of the nature of the beast, prospective clients may be armed with a certain level of caution when approaching a commercial painting service.  This form of concern can stem from a business that is new to the need of a painting service and may feel the process is not unlike searching for an honest plumbing or company.  It can also come from a company that has used a commercial painting service before and got burned in the process.  Either way, a painting service will need to do whatever is possible to make prospective clients feel absolutely comfortable with the potential service they may need.

Achieving this may go beyond building a reputation and having solid paperwork, too.  It could be tied to making sure that there are no products offered that can be misconstrued as gimmicky.  It could even be tied to the way that the service is advertised:  As good as a phrase like “We’ll beat anyone’s price, guaranteed!” may sound, considering the serious nature of commercial painting, those words may have carry a subtext that a company is more concerned with cost-effectiveness than they are with providing a top-flight service.

As such, the best thing that a commercial painting company can do is to simply be as open and honest with their potential clients.  Strip away the games and remove all traces of gimmickry relating to any price quotes, services offered, or products used.  Doing so will allow a painting company stand out before the first application of color is applied to a wall.

Building for the Future

The Orlando market continues to grow and thrive.  What’s more, it’s showing no signs of slowing down.  Therefore, it is important that any commercial painting company is making sure that it is building up a sterling reputation and is making sure that it is being refined and protected now.  By operating on platform based on a solid reputation, efficiently providing paperwork, and a commitment to honesty, a commercial painting company will put them into a position to grow right along with Orlando every step of the way.