How to Keep Up With the Painting Industry?

american painting mgazine

As painters, we know that nothing brings out the best in a particular property like a fresh coat of paint. A new coat of paint can brighten up a room or boost the curb appeal of a business or residence in an instant.  While there are many different ways to produce a high-quality end product, it’s important for painters to stay up-to-date on the latest and greatest advancements within the painting industry. In an industry that has been around for centuries, it may surprise some that there are still many advances and changes that are still developing within the painting industry.

It is easy for painters to get used to the daily grind, with the usual tasks and routines.  Also, with the painting know-how that one already possesses, one might already have the notion that they know all there is to know about painting. That said, staying up-to-date could only help a painter advance his/her skillsets, which in turn can lead to an uptick in business.  Whether you are a new painter just starting out in the industry or a veteran, the American Painting Contractor (APC) trade magazine is a valuable resource that contains worthwhile information and tips for anyone in the industry.

A monthly trade magazine, APC has been providing painters with useful industry advice for ninety years.  The magazine can be accessed online at  Here, visitors can access a plethora of trade information.  Specifically, the magazine includes the following noteworthy sections, all of which will be touched upon in more detail later in this article:

  • Monthly Trade Magazine
  • Paint TV
  • Paint Radio
  • E-Newsletter
  • Top Job
  • Paint Products

When it comes to better improving one’s painting craft or staying up to date on the latest trends, one can get started by exploring the six points above, all of which are made available on the APC website.

Monthly Trade Magazine

Each month, the APC includes a digital edition of the latest trade publication on its website for users to access.  The publication is chock full of industry tips and advice.   For example, a visit to the latest edition includes topics such as: proper ways to organize your paint truck, recommendations on how to make your business more eco-friendly, and there are even tips on what paint brush is best suited for the job at hand.

It is in the trade publication that one is also able to find advice on the best products for every painter’s need, which also includes discounts and coupons for these products thanks to the advertisers who appear in the publication.

The magazine also directs its readers to areas where they can go to find potential jobs and also provides an ad posting section, which gives painters advice on how to post an effective classified recruitment ad so painters can find a good crew.

Updated monthly, no two issues of the APC trade issue are ever the same as the content is always refreshed and updated.  Past issues, going as far back as 2009, are also available on the website.

Paint TV

While the APC trade publication instructs readers through words, the Paint TV section of the site allows users to visualize the many topics discussed within the section.

On Paint TV, the site is categorized into many unique channels, including, but not limited to:

  • How-To section, which contains videos that show users how to prep, paint or even organize a truck.
  • Tools section, which provides users with reviews on a number of tools on the market and also instructs users on how to use these tools.
  • Commercial section, which includes a number of contractor’s painting commercials where users can see some great examples of successful and on-point ads in the marketplace.

The Paint TV section of the site also includes a portion sponsored by Homax, which provides product reviews and advice on the best Homax products to use when looking to repair or patch drywall.


A way to stay in the know on the latest industry news and trends, the E-Newsletter is a great way for the busy painter to still stay up-to-date.

Users are able to sign up for the newsletter by visiting the E-Newsletter page on the publication’s website.  At no cost, the weekly electronic newsletter is filled with news and resources for painting contractors.  With the easy-to-read E-newsletter, there is really no excuse to not be “in the know!”

In case you accidentally deleted your E-newsletter or want to access a back issue of the newsletter, the APC has conveniently archived back issues on the website which can be accessed by clicking on the E-newsletter tab on the site.

Top Job

As a way to give back to the painting community while also keeping readers engaged, the APC sponsors a “Top Job” contest, which is a great way to not only reward painters but the contest also has the potential to provide free publicity to the winners.

Painters are able to enter the content by submitting a before and after photo of a particular paint job as well as a brief description on why it is a Top Job.

Upon selection, winners receive free publicity through coverage in the APC monthly magazine, a ready-to-use press release, promotional items (magnets, decals, t-shirts, etc) as well as special recognition at the annual awards reception.

Paint Products

With so many different brands of paint in the market, and new and improving products released everyday, it can make selecting a particular paint product difficult.  Luckily the APC has a section of the site that includes detailed product reviews and descriptions of paint and primer.

Upon visit to this section of the site, visitors are able to not only read reviews but they are also able to watch video product reviews from other professional painters, which helps reinforce the reviews and recommendations.

Final Takeaway

Now that you have an overall idea on what the American Painting Contractor  (APC) has to offer, every painter should make it a point to visit the website ( and in just a few strokes you will be on your way to a becoming an even better painter!