Best Home Improvement Investments


Here’s a look at eleven of the most common home improvements, and their average return on investment (ROI).

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  1. Vinyl Siding: This project is estimated at around $7 per square foot, with a ROI of 88 percent.

  2. Replacement Windows: Basic windows can cost $300 each, with ROI estimated at over 80 percent.

  3. Shingle Roofing: Roofing can cost $100-$350 per 10×10 foot square patch.  ROI is estimated between 60 to 65 percent.

  4. Natural Gas Furnaces: With existing duct-work, this home improvement project can cost around $7,000; new duct-work can run nearly $15,000. While this may seem like a high number, it is important to remember that this ROI can be 100 percent or more!

  5. Kitchen Remodeling: The average cost for kitchen remodeling is $17,000, with ROI estimated at a 70 percent range.

  6. Bathroom Remodeling: The average cost of a bathroom remodeling project is $12,500, with a ROI of 78 percent.

  7. Painting (House Exterior):  Painting the exterior of your home has the highest ROI of any home improvement project (except for some high-efficiency furnace upgrades).  With a ROI of 90 percent, this is worth every penny invested.

  8. Painting (House Interior): Interior paint costs $12-$50 per gallon, so enough paint for one room costs roughly $25-$100. Factor in rollers, brushes, and drop clothes, and the project may cost $300 or more. An interior painting project has an ROI about 75 percent.

  9. Outdoor Replacement Project: Add to the home’s curb appeal. Consider replacing the garage door, siding, the front door and windows.  The average return on investment for projects like these is around 70 percent.

  10. Attic Bedroom    : The average cost for this task is estimated at $50,000, with a projected ROI of 72.5 percent.

  11. Add an Additional Bathroom: An additional bathroom, even a half bathroom, adds significant value to your home, according to the experts at the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). The price of adding another bathroom to the house varies as well, depending on region. If you live on the West Coast, plan on paying almost $50,000 for a new bathroom, according to Remodeling Magazine.  A half bath may add up to 10.5 percent to a home’s value, while a full bath can add 20 percent.