Choosing an interior painter in Orlando

If you are looking for an Orlando painter to paint the interior of your home or business, please choose wisely. Please remember this contractor and his crew are strangers coming into your home. 95% of the time, the contractor who provided you with the cheapest quote is probably the least reputable. 

The most important step to take when hiring an interior painting contractor in Orlando is to investigate the company. Could you imagine how devistating it would be to find out something extremely valuable to you came up missing? How about another scenario? What if the painting contractor you hired didn’t have a valid General Liability Insurance policy and he spilled paint all over your carpet, or scratched your hardwood floors or tile with a ladder? Who do you think would be stuck paying for the damage? There are many other horror stories about unqualified painters i could talk about, but i think you get the point.

Never make the price of a painting project your number 1 concern. The reputation of the Painting Company is what is really important. Please talk to people in your community about the contractor in question, call the paint store from where the contractor is planning to purchase the paint for your project and view before, during and after photos of some of their recent projects.

I understand choosing an interior painter in Orlando is difficult. Here at Central Florida’s Superior Coatings, we will prove to you from the very first phone call to the completed project that we are the painting company in Orlando that you can count on. Our client list is second to none.