Orlando Painting Company

For over 20 years Central Florida’s Superior Coatings has been leading the way in the Central Florida painting industry.  We are a very well established Orlando painting company. We have an extremely loyal customer base. We are famous for our extensive product knowledge and high quality workmanship.

We service some of the biggest commercial businesses in the state of Florida. We have earned widespread acclaim for our ability to fight water intrusion & combating rust and corrosion. All buildings and houses at some point will have to deal with these problems. We at Central Florida’s Superior Coatings have the answers to these problems. Your water intrusion problems can be something as simple as stucco cracks and expansion joint sealant failure to actually voids in the concrete itself (vertical or horizontal). We know for ceratin exactly what materials to use and exactly what application processes to use to solve your problems. Most painting contractors in Orlando have no idea the proper way to actually combat water intrusion the proper way. Their idea of solving the problem is, shooting in tons of caulk into a crack or brushing on an elastomeric patching compound. An elastomeric patching compound is a great product. However, it only works on your basic hairline stucco cracks.

The jist of this blog is, you as a homeowner or business owner are spending your hard earned money, please please please research your contractor thoroughly. Some contractors will tell you anything to get a job. Make the contractor prove his body of work to you. Pictures and videos speak volumes. Before, during and after photos should be available for you to examine. These pictures should also illustrate the team of gentlemen who will be working on your particular project. Do these gentlemen appear to be professional, in uniform, well groomed & trustworthy??? These pictures should also show you the vehicles and trailers that will be parked outside of your place of business or residence. Do you want a true professional outfit with nice trucks , custom trailers and state of the art equipment outside your place of business or residence? Or would you rather have beat up trucks and rusty oil dripping vans outside your place of business or residence???

I can assure you when you hire Central Florida’s Superior Coatings for next painting project, you are hiring a true professional painting company. We not only take pride in our work, we take pride in how our company is displayed to the community! We are fully licensed and fully insured. That includes real workers compensation, not workers comp exempt. As a result of our unmatched surface preparation and the use of the best available products, we provide the longest written labor warranties in the industry.