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12 Helpful Tips for Hiring a Reputable Painting Contractor

  1. Avoid any painting contractor who states “They Will Beat Anyone’s Price” or “Best Price Guarantee”. This is a sign of a desperate contractor. There are numerous ways to cut price on a painting project; however, none of them benefit you as the consumer. Cheaper is not better! You are purchasing a service not an object. “You get what you pay for”.
  2. Ensure the company is reputable and well known throughout your community.
  3. Confirm the company holds an A+ Business Rating with The Better Business Bureau.
  4. Ask the contractor for commercial client references & contact them. If you ask for commercial references, they are more likely to be real references.
  5. Request verification that the company is Licensed, Insured & Carries Real Workers Compensation Insurance (not Workers Comp Exempt).
  6. Verify the contractor carries a large General Liability Insurance Policy. A large policy will ensure that if there is any damage done to your property, the contractor’s insurance company will act swiftly. Verify the contractor carries Real Workers Compensation from an A Rated Insurance Company. Also, your contractor should carry Commercial Auto Insurance as well. Request from the contractor to have their insurance agent email or fax you a copy of their General Liability Insurance & Proof of Workers Compensation Insurance. This will verify that the policy is current, valid & up to date.
  7. The contractor should have a professional appearance, arrive on time, conduct themselves in a professional manner, and provide a detailed quote.
  8. Ensure the entire scope of work for your project is in a printed contract (one for you & one for the contractor) & signed by both parties.
  9. Insist on Top Quality Products (get it in writing).
  10. Never give anyone a deposit or money up front for a project. Any reputable painting contractor has credit accounts at the local paint stores & has working capital to run daily operations of a business. If they don’t, they are not a reputable contractor.
  11. Avoid Ceramic Coating Contractors or Liquid Siding Contractors. These are gimmicks! There is absolutely NO substitute for a top of the line paint or waterproofing coating made by a major paint and coatings manufacturer such as Sherwin Williams, PPG, Behr, etc.
  12. Ensure the contractors in question can prove to you their body of work. This is extremely important! Make sure all the Painting Companies in question have a Facebook Business Page displaying the before, during and after pictures of their actual painting projects. After all, you are the paying customer. You have the right to know and see the type of employees, vehicles, trailers and equipment that will be on your property. Not to mention, you should be able to see step by step procedures and the cleanliness of each individual project. When it comes to the service industry, Facebook is an amazing truth teller for our local community.