We understand that the machinery at your plant or factory is a huge investment to your business. Central Florida’s Superior Coatings specializes in industrial machinery painting in Orlando and surrounding cities.

Here is a list of reasons for Industrial machinery paint failure:

  • Harsh environmental conditions
  • Extreme temperatures
  • Moving mechanical parts wearing coating off
  • Primer and/or finish coating not applied to its specified thickness
  • Wrong primer applied
  • Wrong finish coating applied
  • Improper thinning down of coating


Athough  finish coatings very rarely have anything to do with the functionality of your equipment, when the coatings are flaking, chipping or just simply wearing off, it can be very unpleasant to look at.

When a company’s industrial equipment is aesthetically pleasing, it is generally a sign that that particular company takes alot of pride in cleanliness, safety and overall image they represent.

Central Florida’s Superior Coatings can provide your company with some amazingly durable and long lasting coating systems for your industrial machinery. We can provide you with products that are extremely abrasive resistant, temperature resistant and resistant to any chemical or fuel.

We have been the “go to” Orlando industrial painting contractor for over 20 years. We have many references from some of  Orlando’s biggest  businesses and can provide you with thousands of photos from our current and past industrial painting projects.

Please give us a call and we can determin the proper coating and application process for your specific project.

[box title=”We Specialize In:” inner_padding=”small”]

  • Industrial Epoxy Coatings
  • Chemical Resistant Coatings
  • High Temperature Coatings
  • Cold Climate Coatings

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  • UV Resistant Coatings
  • Polyurethane Top Coatings
  • Safety Colors
  • Auto Paint Finishes

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[box title=”Painting of 300 Ton Chiller Unit at Trane Rental Services in Kissimmee”]

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